About me

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I work at Cloudflare helping customers make their websites more performant. I understand L3, L4, and L7 deeply. In my free time, I like building things with code. See tools. for showcases and github for all the things I’ve built.

I love to look at hexdumps because flags and options are bits and bytes that constitute the various layers. I like to read RFCs, because they hold the ultimate truth on how protocols should work. Always focus on the root problem. PCAPs or it didn’t happen.

Résumé for those who want it.

Open Source

I like contributing back to my tools. Among others, I have contributed to these projects: Wireshark, Termshark, tutorialedge.net, and termstandard/colors.

SYNC CRC6 checker functioning properly. CR6 bug I fixed in Wireshark. CRC6 is used for MBMS SYNC, which is a multicast LTE SYNC protocol.

Incomplete list of Ross’ superpowers

  • Pretending to know things
  • Network stack: From 802.11 to IPSEC
  • Languages: Typescript, Golang, Javascript, Python, Bash, Powershell, C/C++
  • Frameworks: SQL, OpenAPI, Hugo, PyQt5